Monday, January 3, 2011

Edward Christmas

You would not BELIEVE the grief I have gotten for not posting Christmas pictures yet.  Then again, if you're reading this blog you may be the one giving me grief. :)  Regardless, I have pictures of Edward, and as always, they are adorable!!!

Edward thought the Christmas tree was marvelous this year.  We had to put it up on a table to keep him away, and we still had to tell him no about a dozen times a day.

By the time the Christmas season was over, Edward was shaking his head whenever we told him no.  He knows what it means, but it doesn't mean he listens very often. :)

I made the whole family Christmas hats, and Edward looked adorable in his.  Of course, he didn't keep it on any longer than absolutely necessary, but I managed to get a few pictues.

We all went to Andrew's classroom to help make Gingerbreak houses.  Andrew wasn't so happy to have us there, but Edward sure had fun. 

Kasey got this picture of Edward - almost in his hat (or almost out of his hat).

Edward got a late birthday present shortly before Christmas, and he loved it!  I think it was his favorite gift of the entire holiday season.  It came from Grandpa Dave, but anyone who sees it should know that.  I mean, if you're Grandpa Dave, what else can you send Edward but . . . his own police car!!

I call this his cop face.
Christmas morning was a very sleepy Edward, but he still did good - especially when Daddy was holding him.

Hanging out with the family made the vacation time sooooo much fun!!

Do you know how cool it is to be little?  I can go wherever I want to, and people just let me!!
That helps to make Christmas morning a great time for me!!

Edward also got some quality time with his . . . ok Grandma, help me out on this one.  It's his cousin's daughter, so that's his first cousin once removed, right?

And, of course, because it's Arizona, no Christmas is complete without a trip or two to the park.  Parks are getting to be more fun now that I can go down the slides, play on the swings, and sit in the grass with mom.  I think we should come to this place more often - OK?

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