Sunday, November 14, 2010


This second post is a birthday present for my grandmother - Happy Birthday Grandma!!  Here's Edward (and Andrew) in motion.  Hope you enjoy it.

As an aside, we love our little video camera.  It's called a Flip Video, and it's so very convenient and small.  I can upload the videos directly to the computer.  It only holds an hour of video, so it wouldn't be good for a musical or anything, but for around the house, it's perfect!

 The first is Edward's infamous crawl.  My flip share software let me put music over the video, so you don't have to listen to us talking in the background.  This is pretty typical of how Edward crawls, but he's a lot faster now then he was when we took this video.

The second video is from last night, and is Andrew and Edward playing "tag" for lack of a better word.  Mostly Andrew ran circles around Edward, but he didn't mind at all.  I thought the music oddly appropriate - both because it feels like a chase and because in Phoenix this weekend was the Nascar race.  It was a lot of fun to watch.

11 months old

Can you all believe Edward is already 11 months old?  The time just seems to fly by, and I can't believe we're already talking about what to do for his first birthday party.  This has truly been a month of milestones for Edward.

He is now, officially, mobile on his own!  While not strictly crawling, Edward has his own way of maneuvering around the house.  It's this combination crawl, walk, scoot thing.  He uses both hands, one knee, and one foot.  It's tremendously hard to describe, but looks adorable and hard all at once.  When I described it at work, one of my coworkers said her daughter used to do something similar when she was trying to crawl while wearing a dress, so if you've ever seen that, it's close, but in shorts. :)

This means, of course, that he's into everything, and all sorts of trouble.  But it's just so cute to see him navigating the floor!  (Kasey really still wishes he had held off until after Christmas, but that was never terribly likely.)

 This is one of those "trouble" pictures, where he was just a few feet from cords, so I was holding my breath while taking the picture.  He's just fascinated with my chair.  It has lots of moving parts, and he loves anything he can make move.

These next few pictures have Edward in an outfit courtesy of Aunt Kim.  We love this little outfit on him.  He just looks so sweet, and like he is a little future farmer. :)

 I had some fun cropping the one on the right and blurring everything but Edward.  He was intent on his books that day.  He loves books, and we love that.

 He has a spinning top that he absolutely adores.  I'm pretty sure the top came from Aunt Kim as well.  He can't make it spin in the traditional manner, but he loves to hold it, swing it, and he really adores us making it spin for him.

Isn't he just a cutie??  I have lots of pictures for today, so you'll get way more pictures than words.  And hey, who really wants to read my words when they can look at the adorable boy anyway, right?

As far as Edward is concerned, the coolest place in the entire house is Andrew's room.  It's a forbidden room full of treasures galore!  If Andrew leaves his bedroom door open, he considers it fair game.  One of the times he got in, he came out with one of Andrew's fire engines.  It makes noise!!

 Does he not look like he knows he has something that doesn't belong to him?  He is one happy kid with this toy.

 Edward was Tigger for Halloween, but his little head was too big for the hood, so he didn't wear it.  This made him look more like a tiger, but he didn't mind.  He got more candy than he can eat (especially since he doesn't eat candy), and he enjoyed chewing on the box of Dots that the first place insisted on giving him.

We got him a Mickey Mouse halloween hat, and he looks just adorable in it.

He preferred playing with it to wearing it, but I got a few pictures, so I was happy.

This is just another picture of Edward enjoying being mobile.  He really is all over the place. 

 And the one on the right is my two little guys in their pajamas, just before bedtime.  I love this picture!

 The highlight of this month actually occurred last night.  We took both boys outside to the back yard to play, with Edward in his walker and wearing shoes (this boy almost never wears shoes, and he didn't like it at all until he realized he was going "out").  Mobile has a whole new meaning outside, and he had a total blast.

 But as fun as it is being outside, it's much more fun when your brother comes out to play.  From watching Andrew on the trampoline

 to chasing him around the patio, Andrew is by far the best entertainment that Edward can have.

 Of course Andrew thought it was hilarious he could run from his brother, and Edward only caught him a few times.  (Really wish we had a picture of that event, but we were too busy playing referee when that happened.)

 And now for the official Edward chair picture.  He's getting bigger and bigger compared to this chair.  And he loves being in the chair - so he can try and climb out of it.

 Just look at the face of that boy.  There is some serious mischief on his face.  I'm totally blaming that look on Kasey, because we all know I'm sweet and innocent, right? :)

I did, however, manage to get two pictures of him sitting as opposed to climbing out of the chair.  Well worth the wait.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Edward update.  I'm working on how to get video on my blog, so when I pull that off, you can see him moving!!