Sunday, September 11, 2011

Edward's Latest Info

We're just going to pretend it hasn't been 6 months since an update and go right to what Edward is up to at this point. :)

Edward is both a full fledged toddler and early started on his terrible 2's.  He's definitely keeping us all hopping. :)

 Edward absolutely loves going outside.  He doesn't care if it's out back, out front, a walk to the car, a stroller ride or going out to check the mail.  If it involves a door and him on the other side of it, it's a definite hit.

 He's not yet ready to give up his pacifier or his "blankie".  Thankfully for us, his blankie is a cloth diaper, and we have about 20 of them.  He uses both to sleep for naps and at night, and if he wakes up without one or the other, he's ticked.

Unfortunately for us, he sleeps the way he moves while he's awake - all over the place.  So he wakes up without his pacifier a lot.

He has passed walking and is now into full on running.  His head still gets ahead of his feet at times, and we've had a few head bumps as a result.  These, however, do not upset him nearly as much as the word "no".  If you want a sure-fire way to set off a tantrum at our house, I recommend that word.  It's volatile around here. 

He has started talking, though he prefers gestures and other body language still.  His favorite thing to do, as Emalee learned this weekend, is to take your hand, get you going, then walk away and expect you to follow him to his destination.  He will, however, look back to make sure you are still there.

As Grandpa will tell you, Edward is a mover.  He is constantly on the move, and fascinated by and interested in EVERYTHING.  Nothing that is visible is safe from his curious gaze.  He is particularly fascinated by electronics.  He also loves anything that his brother is doing, and wants to be involved.

As for words, Edward has a lot of them.  We were worried for a bit, because he just wasn't talking, but he is making up for it now.  He's just insatiable when it comes to words.  He wants to know what every picture is, wants to touch each letter and have us confirm what they are.  And if you get it wrong, he will keep pointing until you say what he expects you to have said.  There is no slacking on labels at our house. :)  His favorites are currently "go", "no", "bye", "daddy", "daisy", "boots", "duck" (referring to Donald).  Mom doesn't get her own label, but he's still a mommy's boy by and large, so that's ok.

Adding more pictures for those who have not been getting their Edward fix - enjoy!

Should I get off or stand up on the footstool.  Yeah, Stand up!

Playing at Chick-Fil-A

Climbing in the tubes at Chick-Fil-A

Chair surfing with Daddy.  This is fun!