Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dada, Mama, Baba, pbst!!!!!

Well as you can tell from the title, Edward is discovering words!  He definitely means mom when he says mama.  As for the rest of the words, the jury is still out on their meaning.  I tease Kasey that Edward tells on him every night, but dada seems to mean whatever he's interested in at the moment.

He is still refusing to crawl, but boy is he trying hard to walk.  He'll stretch all the way forward to his hands and knees, but if he still can't reach something, he rolls over, or sits back and finds something else to play with. 

Don't let that fool you into thinking he's sitting still though.  He is all sorts of mobile!  From his walker, which he loves tremendously, to his ability to scoot around on his bottom, Edward gets around just fine. 

Kasey is still hoping he'll hold off being mobile until after Christmas, but I think he's dreaming.  Edward absolutely LOVES to pull up on people or things.  He walks very well if you hold onto his fingers and let him move.  He's still not willing to move himself along objects yet, but it's coming very very soon.

Does this look like the face of a little boy who wants to sit still?  I don't think so either!! hehe

The boys still love each other, sometimes to distraction.  Edward thinks Andrew's room is the coolest place in the house.  If Andrew is within viewing or hearing range, he has Edward's undivided attention, which is impressive, since Edward's attention is mostly divided these days.  Andrew likes to play with Edward, and to torment him.  They are very typical brothers, and it's fun to watch.

 We had the Autism Zoo Walk in October, and Edward thought that was a perfectly fun walk.  Of course, he didn't do much walking, as you can see here. :)

 We had a very hard time getting our monthly picture this month.  The first thing Edward wanted to do when I put him on Grandpa's chair was to climb right off, as you can see here.

 I tried this a few times, and did manage to get him sitting more than climbing out, but just barely. :)

 Right after the last picture, I had to lunge and catch the little guy, who was going to the floor with or without my help.

We managed to escape without any bumps or bruises, which we're all grateful for.

Playhouse Disney is a staple around our house right now, and while Edward doesn't focus on it a whole lot, he likes having the noise in the background. 

 He's a music fanatic, and has definite preferences in music.  I love that his favorite music is what I sing, and Kasey has gotten him firmly ingrained in country music.  He only sleeps to Craig Morgan.