Sunday, June 27, 2010

First trip to the Mall Play Area

It's time for another Edward update.  He's doing an amazing job sitting now, and really likes to stand up, though he can't support himself at all in standing.  He leans well though. :)

In addition, he's totally got rolling over.  Of course, that's mostly because he hates his stomach, so when you put him on his stomach, he flips to his back.  Hey, we'll take what we can get.

Today we took the boys to the mall way before it opened and let them play at the Play Area.  They both had a blast!  Here are some pictures of Edward and sometimes Andrew. :)

Here he is with mom at the top of the slide.  You can tell he has no idea what's coming. :)

Now he's at the bottom watching his brother follow him down.  Looking at this picture, I can almost see him saying "Hey, I'm not out of the way yet!". :)

Look at all of us up on the bridge.  Edward was way too fascinated by everything else to look at the camera.

Wow, something to help prop me up!!  This one is just the right height.

Andrew liked this one too, and they had fun playing together, can't you tell?

This was probably the most fun picture we took.  Another mom at the play area helped get Edward's attention, and if you look closely, you can see me hiding behind Edward propping him up. 

As you can tell, the boys had a very good time in the play area.  Looks like we'll have to make more early morning trips for them. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Guess who's 6 months old!!

Hard to believe, isn't it?  Our little one (or as Emalee calls him, Small Stuff), is 6 months old as of yesterday.  The occasion had to be marked with lots of pictures. :)  Here are just some shots of Edward, all of which have been taken in the last week (and lots were taken today).  Edward is getting more used to the camera, so it interrupts his play much less often.  Good news for me, because I get more action shots that way. :)

Honest, he doesn't have a mohawk.  It just looks like it because he doesn't have very much hair.

Eventually though, the toys become a little less interesting than mom, and we get some good face shots. :)

Don't we have marvelous eyes? :)

I love this picture - his face is just so fun and amusing!!

He's really enjoying reaching for things now!

And look at how big he's getting!  He's sitting up all by himself.  OK, so only for a few seconds, but we'll take what we can get. :)

Here's the official 6 month shot - the comparison against Grandpa Ed's chair. :)

And . . . the pictures everyone in Missouri has been waiting for.  Here's Edward in the Cardinals gear!!  Isn't he just adorable wearing Cardinal red? :)

Silly Kasey says that now he needs to buy Dodger Blue for him . . . why on earth would we want him in anything like that?  He looks so natural as a St. Louis Cardinal, don't you think?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Milestone Day!!

Today was a milestone day!  I thought I would start out with Edward's two great accomplishments, both of which happened this evening.  The first was, Edward rolled from his back to his tummy!  He actually did this multiple times, once on the bed, once on the bedroom floor, and once on the living room floor.  I'd say we've mastered this trick. :)

The other one is a fun one.  Edward found his feet - with his mouth. :)

This is just such a fun picture.  He had a really great time sucking on his toes, and just looked so cute doing so, don't you think?

This is part of a growing trend on Edward's part of recognizing objects and wanting to put them in his mouth.  If it's brightly colored, backlit (the cell phones and ipod are no longer safe), different than its background (Kasey and Emalee's glasses were especially fun to grab for), or noticeable in any way, Edward wants to grab and put into his mouth.  He's getting better and better at reaching accurately for items and once he has a grip, in they go!

In other news, Grandma Thelma came to visit, and she and Edward got to know one another. 

Edward has stranger issues, and as much as Grandma loves him, he just wasn't too sure about this new person in his life. 

It's rough when everyone loves you and wants to pick you up!!  Oh the trials and tribulations of being adorable. :)

On the other hand, he was totally comfortable with Emalee.  Don't they just look cute sitting together watching TV?