Sunday, September 12, 2010

And he just keeps getting older - 9 months

I've had numerous comments that it's been too long since there's been an Edward update.  We've just been too busy enjoying him to stop and post about it. :)

So I have lots of pictures as a peace offering, plus a bit of an update on how he's doing. :)

Edward just hit 9 months old on Friday.  He utterly refuses to even attempt to crawl, largely because he won't stay on his stomach long enough to get his legs up under him.  When you put Edward on his belly he flips over to his back and starts to kick.  And BOY, can this kid kick!

He loves his walker, and can navigate pretty much anywhere that thing will fit.  Thankfully it's too wide to make it into the bathroom and too low to use on the rugs of the bedrooms.  That keeps him pretty manageable.

He really wants to walk, aside from in his walker.  He loves to take steps while you hold onto his hands, and if he's sitting and you get within range, he'll pull himself up while holding onto us.  At this point he's way too easily distracted to actually stay standing, and if he's holding onto something or someone and sees something interesting, he lets go, turns, and plops.  He'll get there though.

Edward is absolutely fascinated with "real food".  He wants anything on our plates, and if you leave food within reach, he'll take it and put it in his mouth.  Then again, if you leave anything non-food in his reach, that goes in his mouth also.

He's babbling like a champ.  Lots of sounds, his favorite of which is "dada".  So when I get home at the end of the day, I get a full report from Edward about "dada".  It's adorable.

Edward has had a wonderful month in the pool.  We got a new float a few weeks ago, and Andrew shared it with his brother long enough for a picture.  Kasey joked that he didn't know how I would crop myself out of this one, and he was right.  I can't find a way, so I'm stuck in the picture. :)

Books are starting to be more fascinating too.  Turning pages is fun, and this book he's looking at now has "mirrors" on all the pages, which is just great.  Looking at pictures of yourself on every page of a book is a great way for the book to be exciting!