Friday, May 14, 2010

He is still cute - mom's just busy

So I've gotten more than one person telling me that I should post an update - looks like I need to make time for this.  I have been taking pictures still!  (In fact, Andrew took the camera away from me a few days ago.)

Here are some update pictures of our adorable little 5 month old.  Can you believe he's that big already??

He has a few new wonderful tricks to share with everyone.  Edward is sitting up more and more, and can support himself for short periods of time.

He's also found his feet, and finds them just fascinating!!

In addition to that, he's hit the 20 pound mark (according to Wii Fit, which has a surprisingly good system to store his weight and the changes in it)

He is learning how to reach for specific things, which includes mouths, ears, and he can get a great grip on Andrew's hair.  Andrew doesn't seem to mind though - in fact, he purposely turns his head to see if Edward will repeat that little trick.  Edward and Andrew are still buddies.  In fact, as Edward is more and more aware, he finds his older brother just absolutely fascinating.  It's fun to watch the two of them.

Edward has a new favorite way to fall asleep now.  He likes to be stomach to stomach with either Kasey or myself, with his head on our shoulder.  It works really well for me, but is a bit more challenging for Kasey.  He has a longer torso, so he has to work harder to support Edward that way than I do.

All in all, our cute little guy is growing and happy!  He's finding his sense of humor, and everything that we say is funny to him right now.  His laugh is almost as adorable as his smile.