Thursday, March 3, 2011

February . . . er March Update

So I think we all know I could never make a career out of blogging.  I'm just not frequent enough.  Unfortunately for all of you, that means you have to wait to get updates on our adorable little Edward.  Kim actually threatened to call Grandma to get her to ask for an update.  She plays dirty. :)

So anyway . . . now on to the parts you all want to see.

Our little crawler is no more - he's now a WALKER!!  Over the last weekend, he went nuts on the walking, and he is just amazing at it now.  He only crawls when he falls down and is on tile with his socks (can't get the foot purchase to get back up), or when the front door opens up and he wants to get there fast!!

He's also in his explore everything phase, and it's so much fun to watch - as well as a bit scary at times.  It's fun to watch his attention span though.  He has the attention span of . . . well a 14 month old. :)

Ooohhhh . . . look at my book!

Oh wait . . . is that a container of wipes?

What's over there?

Oh look, there's mom!

Woah mom, what's that?

All of these took place within a matter of minutes.  I'm only guessing at the thought process, but I'll bet I'm close, wouldn't you?

Thankfully, my little one is very addicted to books.  Of course, being our son, he's also addicted to electronics! 

I know I can get this to balance

Oh well, it looks nice on the floor too.

Hmmm . . anyone have an idea how to get it open?

 Did you know that fans can blow over toddlers?  Then again, it might just be him getting so excited that he falls down.  He's so cute when he's excited!

Since I'll have to publish another March one (I don't think Kim will let me call this the March post) I'm going to end this here.  Everyone enjoy their Edward fix!


  1. I'm soooooo glad to see him walking, I have been waiting for those pictures. I knew he must be getting close. Thanks Kim for going to bat for this grandma, your my kinda gal!!!! Keep after her if she laggs again. These pictures are great Nikki. He is soooo cute. Such a cute age. Thanks so much!!!! Love you all!!!!

  2. So since we saw you guys Evie now walks with her hands up in the air like Edward! Jason laughed when he saw her do it for the first time and said "where did she get that from" I said "her boyfriend Edward taught her". She does it every time! We miss you guys!